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La Collezione Privata

La Collezione Privata  means "The Private Collection"

In short, Privata is the exclusive house label by @ewenwooman

For Privata, all aspects of the product from conception to realization are directed and executed by @ewenwooman

Q) How special is this line Privata line from the standard products from Defy Empire and Quincy Premium Pomade?

A) The Privata line takes the best designers, materials and is likened to the comparison between a Mercedes and a Maybach

Q) What is the logo seen on the Privata products?

A) Privata represents certain values recognised by @ewenwooman. The coat of arms insignia and the simplified viking helmet logo signifies royalty, ode to history, courage, honor, respect and integrity.

Q) Why the reason to create La Collezione Privata?

A) @ewenwooman has always wanted his inner most thoughts and feelings aka heart DNA to be represented in series of products. No other better way than to create the Privata line and churn out the products. Every product was designed and created with excellence and decadence to the senses. 

Every man, regardless of background and circumstances, is entitled to their "Honor and Glory", as this is the dignity of being a man.

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