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Top 6 Popular Styles of Sunglasses That Will Be Evergreen

Sunglasses are not just protection from the sun, they are fashion statements, so big that, sometimes, the shades matter more than make-up or the hair. Here are 6 styles that have been around for decades, and show no sign of ever getting out of style. Please click on the styles to see fine examples. Roundish Style Pilot Style Adventurer/Vagabond/Explorer Style Square/Rectangular Style Gentleman's Club Style Wrap-around Style

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6 Tips On How to Maintain/Care For Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are your eye protection / fashion accessory that you wear for hours daily. In order to keep them in good shape and looking good for a long time, here are some tips. Cleaning the lenses regularly with a soft microfibre cloth in lateral manner, do not engage in swirl movement Check the screw hinges that they are tight Always place the sunglasses in a microfibre bag when not in use to prevent scratching and dust accumulation When travelling in airplane, if you check in your shades in a luggage, do remember to put them in a hard case to...

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8 Countries That You Will Need Sunglasses At Their Beaches Err Day All Day

Some parts of the world just feel like summer err day all day, where it is so sunny, it is impossible to step out of the house without good polarized sunglasses. USA Miami (Florida) Wassup bruh! Many world famous beaches here include Miami beach, Long beach, Daytona beach..etc  Australia (Gold Coast ) Good Day Mate! Famous beaches here include Surfers Paradise beach, Palm beach, Kirra beach..etc Thailand (Bangkok) Sawadeekap...famous Thai beaches include Koh Samet, Hua Hin, Pattaya just to name a few. Phillipines (Boracay) Mabuhay! The top 3 beaches are, White beach, Puka and Bulabog.  Singapore- Win Liao Loh! Sunny...

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