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About Us

Our Story, Our Vision

The brand was born out of passion and friendship of Mr J X and @ewenwooman. It was in May 2012 where the blokes from 2 different countries, Singapore and USA, decided to come together to make sunglasses that were awesome yet affordable. Too many brands out there were trying to be luxury brands and were forgetting basic fundamentals like wearability, affordability and of course!

The Defy Empire sunglasses have a DNA that was created out of pure purpose, particularly Asian fitment, comfort and style. Next, materials and optics were specced to be top notch in some of the best factories , noting the fact that what makes a great sunglass needs to have superb optics. That is the way to fan’s heart. 

Defy Empire sunglasses has the technicals of a sports brand , style of an Italian marque and culture of a streetwear company. 

The designs chosen are not seasonal in fact, they are all carefully handpicked to be winners regardless of time and place. This is only possible because the team is so experienced in this field. Their shades are known to be comfortable and lasting, primed to be used daily like reliable workhorses.

Being streetwear fans, the founders leaned the styles towards the streetwear culture hence the defiant nature of the selected brand name “Defy Empire” They hope to invoke a notion of defiance in a good nature, not following the society norms, carving a special edge for every individual. Empire because they knew down the road, they would be more than an eyewear brand.

In 2015 their sister brand, Quincy Premium Pomade was formed. They curate elite, high grade, easily to use hair styling and men’s grooming products that care. A separate name was chosen and also different brand identity is highlighted because the founders wanted a different vibe and focus in the grooming company.

Quincy Premium Pomade’s brand inspiration was because they both shared a common trait that is both have old souls. They both love the 1950s, music culture particularly jazz and rock and roll and the golden era of USA. Hence the products all have a vintage theme and occasionally there were limited editions with special artwork on the covers of the products.

The Quincy Products are also great because they are all professional laboratory created with Premium ingredients only. They are designed to make the barbers, hair stylists fall in love with them. And only when they do so, they will make their clients also fall head over heels with the Quincy Products. It is like a love affair once you have used a Quincy product, whether it is a Pomade, Hair Paste, Clay or a Mist. The amazing scents chosen, coupled with the high performance and reliability of the products just makes it unforgettable to the users.

This starts a love affair and the brand keeps the story going by continuing to renew itself, creating limited editions and introducing new interesting products from time to time. Quincy fans are very loyal and this growing community keeps the brand alive and going.


The co-founders strongly advocate this: 

Delivering the best products and service with consistency


"What We Do In Life, Echoes In Eternity "

 "Good Old American Soul, In A Tin"