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Interview with our Co-Founder Ewen Woo @ewenwooman

Interview with Our Co-Founder Ewen Woo @ewenwooman 

Tell us what is it like to start your own brand?
I remember the days that I begged to carry brands I wanted to sell in my first little Sunglass shop. Yes literally begging. Heck no. No more pride diminishing stuff. I can create things that people want and I want. This is freedom.
What is your favorite product from Defy Empire?
Hard to name one, they are all like my children. Months and months of preparation goes into each single product. Currently I would say Privata Kenji is the best. Simply because it is stylish for most, fits most and is the strongest and lightest. What more?
How would you explain the positioning of Defy Empire in the market ?
I started from the bottom. I used to buy the knockoffs when I was younger and did not have much money to spare. When I got older, I spent my salary on luxury items. When I started Defy Empire, then I asked myself what do I actually want to create? Something really good quality and affordable to all.
What is La Collezione Privata?
The truest form of freedom and redemption is when you are able to execute your dream. To dream it day and night, to work and prepare and go on the journey to create the product. To design and carve it exactly how you want it to be, to perfection. 
The Privata Collection showcases my dream
Welcome to my world 

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