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Good Old American Soul In A Tin

The second in Quincy's Limited Edition Pomades, the highly anticipated Viking Special Edition is inspired by the fearless and courageous viking warriors from the European medieval age, presenting noble values like bravery and strength. Gracing the tin cover is custom artwork done by designers from Defy Empire. 

Inheriting the same good formula from Quincy Premium Pomade Original, the Viking Special Edition features the heavy weight, strong hold, medium shine, water soluble properties. It is also pliable, holds for at least half a day and is humidity capable. Signature scent is a sweet, palatable, invigorating tropical raspberry with a blood orange colourway. 

- Water soluble

- Heavy-weight formula

- Tropical raspberry scent

- Medium Shine

- Strong hold

- Able to restyle

- Does not flake or dry out

- Non greasy formula

- Handles heat and humidity well

- Styles pompadours, slickbacks and even mohawks with ease

- 250ml/8.5fl.oz

Customers' Reviews:

  • "Was recommended to try this new pomade by a friend. I have been using Suavecito for a few months and I can say this Quincy really rocks! It really outlasts Suavecito in terms of humidity and hold! Very satisfied !!!" - C.J., Florida, U.S.A
  • "I have dry and wavy hair and have tried creams, oils and waxes but they are making my hair more oily range than styling it. I made the leap of faith and bought from the product smells really good like a cologne. I applied it on my hair when damp and combed through. For the first time in my life, I see my hair so neat and tidy and slick. Thank you Quincy Pomade for such an amazing product!" - Jeremy, Denver, U.S.A
  • "I have tried many Brands of pomades which include Layrite, Bonafide, Slick Devil .... Etc but this Quincy Pomade really does a good hold for my pompadour and maintains the look without adding any more or adjusting during the day." - Susanto, Indonesia
  • "I first started using pomades and they were oil based. I thought it was normal for the oily forehead and pimples to happen. But When I started using Quincy Pomade, realized that the hold was crazy good and was easy to remove when showering. My skin on my face and neck has improved over time." - Daryl, U.K
  • "My favorite water based pomade without a doubt! The density is amazing without stickiness, a pinch goes a long way." - Faizal, Singapore
  • "Being an air steward, it is really important that my hair stays neat and sharp all day on duty. Many top name brands I have tried still required a touch up or an emergency burst of hairspray during the shift. However Quincy Pomade is quite amazing as it holds throughout! Wish it came in a bigger tin!" - Johnson, Melbourne, Australia
  • "The scent of Quincy Pomade is unmistakably pleasant cologne scent for men. My dates are always impressed by the smell of it. It also tames my thick and unruly hair, I am now much more confident of myself and my hair. Awesome product!" - Ivan, Amsterdam

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