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“The Supra” is not your typical grooming cream . Our chemists have outdone themselves again by creating one of the most versatile, unorthodox clay hybridized styling product which has special properties of a clay, pomade and a cream. It scoops out easily like a thick cream, spreads with the buttery smoothness of a oil pomade, yet ensuring complete ease of removal with one shampoo wash. All these with a restylable firm hold with a natural slight sheen which differs depending on amount used and also on the amount of water present. Grooming cream has a delicious Butter Pecan Pie scent. Can be used as a pre-styler on damp hair and blown to shape with a hair dryer.

- High-end creative styling / treatment product
- Well-balanced strength which lasts the whole day
- Superb texture creation
- Treats, nourishes, repairs hair and scalp
- Vitamin E, Vitamin Pro B5, Vitamin Pro B7
- Himalayan Pink Salt, Moroccan Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Bentonite
- Water soluble
- Light-weight 
- Natural finish, slight sheen
- Suitable for short, medium hair lengths
- Faint yet delicious scent 
- Firm yet pliable
- Does not clump or cause tugging
- Hair feels soft and smooth to touch 
- Washes out with 1 shampoo rinse
- Long-lasting, no need to re-apply during the day( if apply around 2 chick peas)
- Nourishes and strengthens hair with essential oils and natural proteins
- Can be hand tousled for messy/relaxed/natural look or creative styling or combed for clean and neat look
- Use for pre-styling and post-styling
- Protects your hair from heat damage
- Cocktails well with other hair products you own and acts as a “booster”
- Thickens fine hair
- Great for both neat and messy swept styles like comb overs, slickbacks, quiffs and even short crops
- 80ml/2.7 fl.oz

La Collezione Privata - By Ewen Woo

The first elite collaboration product from @ewenwooman and Quincy Premium Pomade, presenting his very own Private Label, La Collezione Privata

 Customers' Reviews

  • "I started using oil pomades more than a decade ago and have always loved using them. However the washability and oiliness it gives my hair and scalp makes it a love and hate story. When I was invited to try “The Supra” , I was mind blown by how much it reminds me of an oil pomade judging from the ease of combing. Like wow this is love. And the best, washes off so super easily leaving no residue or build up. Good job Quincy"- MJ Mayson, Stylist, Los Angeles USA
  • "The Supra comes across unlike most grooming creams. Which tend to be very oily and weak creating hardly any texture. Quincy must have taken a grooming cream and fed it some steroids. This is an excellent example of outdoing themselves"- Bob T, Barber, Indonesia
  • "I have used Quincy Matte Paste and Control Clay and really was looking forward to this sample of Premium Grooming Cream. Quincy is known for producing masterpieces and within the collection it is always something different from the others. Indeed the Supra leaves up to its name. My hair is dry and limp and I used to wish a product can style and care of my hair at the same time. Now there is no need to buy a separate conditioner or serum or oil. "- Wai Long T, Financial Executive, Hong Kong
  • "In the sea of men’s grooming products, you find a gem of brand like Quincy. So super understated and always innovating. Believe me I have bought many brands of hair styling products from YouTube products to departmental store luxury goods. Gets frustrating after awhile. The Supra I feel is a working man’s dream because it is easy to use, feels pampering and luxurious. Who doesn’t want their hair to feel and look great ?” Wong LK , Creative Director, Singapore


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