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All time favorite matte paste is now made even better in this limited edition release which features new vintage artwork as a tribute to the glamor of the 1920s Art Deco. The tin is bigger at 150ml and the product has a new scent which can be described as a vintage ume plum cologne. Absolutely breathtaking scent!

- High-end styling / treatment product

- Treats and nourishes hair and scalp

- Creamy/buttery to scoop, a beauty

- Water soluble

- Heavy-weight formula

- Matte finish

- Vintage light ume plum cologne scent 

- Firm yet pliable

- Does not clump or cause tugging

- Superior strength

- Non greasy formula

- Can be hand tousled for messy look or combed for slick but matte look

- Can use medium heat from hair dryer with quiff comb for creating volume and superb hold

- thickens fine hair

- easily tames stiff and stubborn straight hair along with some blow dryer basics

- styles pompadours, slickbacks, even mohawks. 

- Great for messy slickbacks ala David Beckham or Justin Timberlake style

- 150ml/5.0fl.oz

 *Colour of product may differ slightly from images.

Quincy Cares

Quincy Premium Pomade family of products are known over the years for the reliability and high quality along with classy designs. The brand also takes pride in creating balanced and enjoyable hair styling products that not only make you look good but cares for your hair and scalp. 

Made with premium raw materials in professional laboratories, Only top grade perfume oils are used to create the fragrances in the products, you can be assured of safety while you style and nourish your hair with a peace of mind. All hair styling products are easily washed off with one shampoo rinse, leaving no residue, allowing your scalp to rest and repair efficiently.

Thank you for choosing a Quincy product. 

 Customers' Reviews


  • "This is not your normal wax! My expectations have been completely blown away by this product! Having used waxes for years, hair fall and the fact that wax is difficult to remove, is a standard for me until I gave Quincy Matte Paste a try. It does not cause clumping and is easy to apply. Not sticky at all and surprisingly easy to wash off with no residue. Hair feels very clean. Double thumbs up!" - Kyle, Perth, Australia
  • "Been a user of waxes/clay I understand the stickiness of their texture and the need to apply quite a number of scoops and even have to add some more later in the day. Quincy Matte Paste is easy to remove and spread on palms. Finger combing does not involve tugging and pulling. Best when applied over slightly damp hair." - J. Taylor, N.C, U.S.A
  • "Styles and holds like a dream. My thin hair is bigger and thicker even without blow drying!
  • I was able to readjust my hair during the day without the need to add any more product to my hair." - Daeng, Malaysia
  • "This matte paste is very versatile in my opinion. I have used it like a wax, even used it to coat my hair and blowing it up with volume, also I have used it on damp hair and styled it like I would do a pomade, combing my hair slick with a pomp with a matte finish. The variations of use makes this my favorite hair product." - Jenson, Philippines
  • "Bought this product as it claims to style and treat  at the same time. Styling was awesome as it made my hair neat with a matte look with good hold for the whole day. At the end of my work day, I rinsed my hair with normal temperature water. In a matter of seconds, the product was removed, leaving my hair soft and smooth, unbelievable. I proceeded to shampoo my scalp and hair. Does what it claims!" - Oliver, Singapore
  • "I have been looking for a matte look pomade, tried slick devil and Layrite cement and there was still some shine after application even on dry hair. I was introduced to Quincy Matte Paste by my buddy. I was sceptical was it was not a pomade and it looked like a wax but when I tried it the first time, I finally understood how good this product actually is. The look is very matte and holds up very well, extremely happy with the way my hair looks now." - HJ, Singapore

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