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This is not your typical clay product. Our chemists have created an extremely versatile, unorthodox clay hybrid matte pomade which has both properties of a clay and also the smoothness of a oil pomade, yet ensuring complete ease of removal with one shampoo wash. All these with a restylable strong hold with a natural shine. Control clay has a Vintage Vanilla Musk Cologne scent.

- High-end creative styling / treatment product
- Superior strength which lasts the whole day
- Extreme texture creation
- Treats, nourishes hair and scalp
- Water soluble
- Medium-weight 
- Matte and natural finish
- Suitable for short, medium hair lengths
- Pleasant yet calming scent 
- Firm yet pliable
- Does not clump or cause tugging
- Dry to touch after application
- Non greasy formula, washes out with 1 shampoo rinse
- Long-lasting, no need to re-apply during the day
- Nourishes and strengthens hair with essential oils and natural proteins
- Can be hand tousled for messy/relaxed/natural look or creative styling or combed for clean and neat look
- Use for pre-styling and post-styling
- Protects your hair from heat damage
- Cocktails well with other hair products you own and acts as a “booster”
- Thickens fine hair
- Great for both classic and modern styles
- 125ml/4.2 fl.oz.
Quincy Cares

Quincy Premium Pomade family of products are known over the years for the reliability and high quality along with a classy packaging style. The brand also takes pride in creating balanced and enjoyable hair styling products that not only make you look good but cares for your hair and scalp. 

Made with premium raw materials in professional laboratories, you can be assured of safety while you style and nourish your hair with a peace of mind. All hair styling products are easily washed off with one shampoo rinse, leaving no residue, allowing your scalp to rest and repair efficiently.

Thank you for choosing a Quincy product. 

 Customers' Reviews

  • "I have been a wax/clay user for the longest time, I love to get creative but dread washing as these 2 products are so difficult to remove, not forgetting losing a lot of hair in the process. After switching to Quincy Control Clay, I get maximum hold and control during styling and my hair does not feel sticky or heavy and washes out easily at the end of the day. "- Ben, Analyst, Los Angeles USA
  • "One of the most versatile matte products I have tried! Was once a Hanz De Fuko Claymation and Blumaan Fan, but realise these 2 brands are just hype and marketing, now that I have tried Quincy Control Clay. Thanks to my barber who recommended me to it." - Khai, Teacher, Singapore
  • "Defying the professional hair styling norms, this product performs like a matte clay, can be combed and restyled easily like a pomade, and washes out easily like a gel. What more can I ask for? Quincy Control Clay rocks!" - Leroy, Barista, Sydney Australia
  • "At first I thought Quincy Control Clay was another typical clay product, hard to apply and remove, even stylists hate clays as they are too hard to get evenly into hair. But after trying it out, I realized it was so easy to spread on palms and goes on easily into my hair. The magic comes after 8-10 minutes when the product settles fully to control the hair. The natural look appears, the hair feels normal to touch, the hold is strong yet adjustable, amazing, where is the logic? This is a stylist's dream product!" - Don, Hair Stylist, Jakarta Indonesia
  • "I only liked waxes as I thought they are the only products that have a matte finish. I normally had to use 3-4 big scoops before I could get my hair into shape, followed by generous amounts of hair setting spray to maintain the hold. Discovering Quincy Control Clay is life changing for me, I only use 1 small scoop and I feel it does the job. The product feels so strong and I can restyle any time and maintain hold, no need for hair spray. Thank god for this product!" - Victor, Executive, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • "As a professional hair stylist, I use a lot of hair spray to form shapes and to get holding power on my lady customers hair. Waxes and clays are too sticky and have flakes. Restyling customers' hair is a problem as the hair gets too stiff and I have to wet the hair or use great force to brush the hair into place. I tried using Quincy Control Clay and after the first day and 4 happy customers later , I was overjoyed by how easy and versatile the product was! I only used the spray when I felt I needed it. The clay was easy to spread, non sticky and created texture and volume. The hair was so easy to work with once the clay settled in 10 minutes later. Restyling was effortless and I would say this product really changed my view of clay products." - Gary, Hair Stylist, Singapore

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