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Based on Quincy Premium Pomade's Matte Paste, Color Chaos has fused temporary color into the popular hair styling product, making it a revolutionary hair product that sets it apart from the competition because it styles, treats and temporarily colors your hair!  

  • Product is a water-soluble, high hold, heavy weight matte paste
  • Contains Vitamin pro B5 and amino acids for treatment repair of hair and scalp 
  • Temporary hair coloring which is non damaging
  • Unisex usage 
  • Works on both short and long hair
  • Non-drying  
  • Slightly aqueous for easy application 
  • Turns to matte finish in 2-3 minutes 
  • Simply moist hair if needed to continue styling  
  • Color stays in hair for up to 48 hours
  • Rinses off easily with shampoo 
  • Hair feels soft silky and more manageable after wash
  • Product does not come off with perspiration 
  • Hypoallergenic, ok for sensitive skin  
  • Paraben/ammonia/sulphates free 
  • Coat technique, no change to original pigmentation of hair
  • Does not matter if your hair is black or colored or bleached(lighter hair tones may be better in bringing out certain colors) 
  • Best used on dry hair 
  • Available in 3 colors : ash silver/grey, gold, light grey
Styling tips
  • Can use fingers/comb or brush to style 
  • Use a coloring comb if dealing with long hair or partition/segment coloring 
  • Use fingers to run through hair/toussle for full head color effect 
  • Apply product on comb and comb through for highlight effect 
  • For ombré effect, apply generously 2-3 colors on a bunch of hair at least 3 inches per color segment with coloring brush, use hair dryer on no/low heat and comb with brush downwards  
  • If using flat iron / heat curler do remember to apply some heat protection before this product
  • High hold matte paste gives hair body and texture and holds it in place for 10-12 hours 
  • Can restyled by spraying a little bit of water 
Quincy Cares

Quincy Premium Pomade family of products are known over the years for the reliability and high quality along with a classy packaging style. The brand also takes pride in creating balanced and enjoyable hair styling products that not only make you look good but cares for your hair and scalp. 

Made with premium raw materials in professional laboratories, you can be assured of safety while you style and nourish your hair with a peace of mind. All hair styling products are easily washed off with one shampoo rinse, leaving no residue, allowing your scalp to rest and repair efficiently.

Thank you for choosing a Quincy product. 
Customers' Reviews
  • "I have always wanted to give my boring black hair some color but never did want to try because my parents said hair dyeing is bad for the hair. Quincy Color Chaos is not a hair dye but a styling, temporary color coating and treatment product which is actually good for the hair! I can choose when to add color to my hair and freedom to turn it back to black at the end of the day. Bravo!" Mark Teo -Student, Singapore
  • "There are many cheap temporary hair dyes and color chalks online, I have tried many brands, they normally are very tough to apply, products get clumpy and solidify, and they leave my hair feeling very dry at the end of the day. Until my friend recommended Quincy Color Chaos to me, it is much simpler to apply, colors are vibrant and my hair is not damaged, in fact, so lovely the treatment feeling after shampoo." Sharon Nadya - Marketing Executive, Indonesia
  • "A must have product before my party I must admit. Blue and Purple are my favourites currently and I get complemented on them all the time. I did not have to use any wax to style beforehand. Quincy Color Chaos colors and styles. I really dig comments like: How do you change your hair color every few days? Haha." Jeremy Anderson - Mechanic, Australia
  • "Having bleached my hair numerous times to achieve the grey blonde look, I had to spend a lot of money on treatment and keratin products to upkeep the health and condition of my hair. Now I just use Quincy Color Chaos silver as a base coat and add some other colors like blue or purple if i want to streak in or ombre fade at the ends. Easy and simple and the results are great. No more bleaching necessary for me." Cindy Liew - Clothing Sales, Malaysia
  • "Quincy Color Chaos is my dream product! I have a mohawk hair style which I maintain bleached gold. I love this hairstyle but is too drying. Some of my hair is so dry that they have broken apart. Now I just use Quincy Color Chaos gold or silver on normal days, green or blue on my weekends or parties. Oh yes, my hair actually feels smoother now, incredible stuff." Javier K - DJ/party host, Thailand

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