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Quincy Matte Paste Get Lucky Fortune Edition

This is the first time a matte paste is chosen to be made in a limited edition Quincy Product.

And this matte paste is not the usual matte paste. Newly formulated, this matte paste is ultra creamy, makes applying super easy. 

Firm hold is adjustable any time of the day without water. The other highlights include the ability to be easily used as a pre-styler on damp hair and blown to shape, also this time an expensive perfume oil is added for a masculine and freshly invigorating scent.

Being a limited edition, the design influence is a tribute to Maneki Neko aka Beckoning Cat aka Lucky Cat aka Fortune Cat. Its popularity and beliefs has spread far beyond Japan and many people around the world believe the owner of the cat will brought good luck and fortune aplenty.

Thank you for supporting the Quincy Pomade brand, may our Get Lucky Matte Paste bring you unlimited joy and handsomeness along with good luck and fortune to you and family!







- Very creamy to touch
- Super easy to spread
- High-end creative styling / treatment product

- Well-balanced strength which lasts the whole day

- Superb texture creation, texturizing

- Treats, nourishes, repairs hair and scalp

- Vitamin E, Vitamin Pro B5, Exotic Jojoba Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin

- Water soluble

- Very Light-weight 

- Matte finish, no sheen

- Suitable for short, medium hair lengths, locks wavy hair

- Fresh, invigorating and addictive masculine cologne scent 

- Firm yet very pliable

- Smooth comb/brush through

- Hair feels soft and smooth to touch 

- Washes out completely with 1 shampoo rinse

- Long-lasting, no need to re-apply during the day( if apply around 2 chick peas)

- Nourishes and strengthens hair with essential oils and natural proteins

- Can be hand tousled for messy/relaxed/natural look or creative styling or combed for clean and neat look

- Use for pre-styling and post-styling (easy wearing)

- Protects your hair from heat damage

- Cocktails well with other Quincy hair products you own and acts as a “booster”

- Thickens fine hair

- Great for both neat and messy swept styles like comb overs, slickbacks, quiffs and even short crops

- Container is small and unbreakable and is able to hand carry on board flights
- Great to bring for staycations and holidays
- 80ml/2.7 fl.oz


Quincy Cares

Quincy Premium Pomade family of products are known over the years for the reliability and high quality along with classy designs. The brand also takes pride in creating balanced and enjoyable hair styling products that not only make you look good but cares for your hair and scalp. 

Made with premium raw materials in professional laboratories, Only top grade perfume oils are used to create the fragrances in the products, you can be assured of safety while you style and nourish your hair with a peace of mind. All hair styling products are easily washed off with one shampoo rinse, leaving no residue, allowing your scalp to rest and repair efficiently.

Thank you for choosing a Quincy product. 

 Customers' Reviews

  • "Was given to try a sample of this so called new matte paste by Quincy. First thing was the beautiful beautiful scent that hit ma nose. Dang, smells like something straight outta perfume shop. Wow I couldn't stop putting my nose in it till they told me it's the only sample they got! Ha! Product is a dream to use, effortless to remove and spread, add some water and off to the blower. Saves me time on the job and ma customers happy I am quick. When did you say it's coming?"- Crush P, Barber, Los Angeles USA
  • "Styling men's hair should this this simple. Just a good hair cut, one good product and that is it. Gone are the days of terrible sticky waxes and sickening hard clays or crispy hairspray!"- WL Nelson, Stylist, Kowloon Hong Kong
  • "Thank you bossman for giving us a sample of your new product. Always a pleasure to give our feedback. The barbering world has evolved a lot over the past few years and I am happy to see Quincy Pomade grow from strength to strength. It's honorable to see you guys putting both customer and professionals like us at the forefront rather than money making. The heritage of the brand and the ongoing R n D works is commendable and I salute you guys for making my life easier with such outstanding products like this matte paste. Thank you bossman. " Alan Y Gibbs, Stylist, Sydney Australia


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