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Quincy Pomade's first hair and skin care product is a new age nourishing, hair grooming and treatment product specially designed for the busy individual. Specially curated so it can be used on hair and skin safely. This product hydrates, repairs and softens hair. 

Usage Directions:

Hair - Apply on dry/damp hair, comb/brush through. Hair will be soft, nourished, hydrated and repaired. Blow dry for volume, hair will be protected from heat. Use on hair before curling iron. Excellent for pre-styling. 

Skin - Spread generously over skin to deeply moisturise, rejuvenate and repair dryness. Leaves skin feeling youthful and soft. Soothes irritated skin. 

Customer Reviews

  • "My hair is dry and frizzy and I used to apply olive/coconut oils, however I find this method gives me hair loss and oily scalp, forehead and face. Now I use Quincy Elixir after washing my hair and all I do is just brush through. It really softens my hair and gives it a healthy shine and bounce!" - Jeremy, Student, Auckland New Zealand
  • "Beard oils and balms used to be my favorite, however I had to deal with the oily, sticky feeling and frequent acne issues around the neck region. Quincy Elixir changed this totally! All it takes is a little product to moisturise my beard and face at the same time." - Edison, Model, Amsterdam
  • "As an active person who loves water and sea sports, I am always in the sun and my skin and hair both feel dry. Now after using Quincy Elixir, my hair and skin feels moisturised at all times." - Royston, Lifeguard, KL Malaysia
  • "Pre-styling is always a must before I style my customers' hair. As a stylist, I need to see the natural shape of the hair after the cut. Now I use Quincy Elixir on their hair and blow to shape. The natural shine and feel of the hair is beautiful. It even locks curls! My customers love the feeling that this product gives their hair." - Jassie, Hair stylist, Hong Kong
  • "I have been using aftershaves and I realized that most of them are drying. My partner suggested using a moisturizer and Quincy Elixir proves to be such a good performer, soothing my skin and giving it goodness, supple sensation."Zul, Flight Attendent, Singapore

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